Evening at Maiden’s Tower

Enjoyment of fine dine service is at Maiden’s Tower that is signature of İstanbul, is middle of bosphorus…

Maiden’s Tower offers  at intersection point of Europe and Asia,unique location and 2500 years history and of course special dinner.

The Maiden’s Tower restaurant start to service for dinner at 20:15 and service international cuisine.Beside when you have dinner you will be affected by  mystic atmosphere, romantic songs that is said by orchestra as local and foreign.

You can find two different fiks menu that are 149 TL and 179 TL for per person and all drinks are extra.

 Also there is a bar that’s name is “Kuledebar” and it offer a special menuthat is price 190 tl for a couple, like a bottle of wine and cheese plate ,hot plate


Kabataş (European side) to Maiden's Tower- 20:00 , 20:45  and 21:30 boat services. In Kabataş there's a gasoline station, called the PO (Petrol Office), and you will be seeing the pier called Adalar İskelesi (or Dentur) on behind that petrol station. There is a small ticket gate of us on the left hand side of that.

Üsküdar (Asian side) to Maiden's Tower - ring boat services from 20:00

During RAMADAN ;

Kabataş (European side) to Maiden's Tower- 19:45 , 20:15  and 21:00 

Üsküdar (Asian side) to Maiden's Tower- ring boat services from 20:00

Children under the age of 7 can not be accepted for dinner  and the male guests whomever wears flipflops and shorts.


Dinner Menu

Dinner Banquet Menu