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It’s just  yours..

If you have special night like wedding, engagement or events,you and you vauable quests will have amaing night at tower.

Maiden’s Tower as a restaurant  has 220 person capacity in a same time so you can hire it to make some event.Maiden's Tower offer you delicious turkısh cousine , international cousine and fantastic atmosphere.



In the middle of europe and asia, 360 C view of bosphorus and history 2500 years…All of them are waiting for your quests.

Maiden’s tower has been an eyewitness lots of lovers since M.Ö 400 years.Why do not you be next one.


 Maiden’s Tower offers you make coctail,birthday party,gathering launching meeting e.tc... with your friends and acquaintances or your  colleague with lights of İstanbul and best view of bosphorus.

A bar “kuledebar” in Maiden's Tower.

There is a special bar in top of tower.İt is small but elegant.Just for 20 person. İf you have small gathering or special occasions it is gonna be perfect for you.